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"This fast-paced educational game is an ideal way to get reluctant numeracy learners to build their confidence with times tables."

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Tables-Tastic game set

What is Tables-Tastic?

Tables-Tastic is a new fun family game to help children master multiplication without even realising they are learning!

  • Helps children master multiplication
  • Can also be played as a solo game for extra practice
  • Perfect for building confidence in maths at home or at school
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Comes with "cheat cards" for children (or adults!) who are less secure in their times tables
  • Simple rules - very easy to learn

"A lovely game which is clearly enjoyable and effective - it does everything you would expect."

Gavin Ucko
Managing Director, The Happy Puzzle Company

Play Tables-Tastic at home

children playing Tables-Tastic

Tables-Tastic is perfect to play at home to help children learn and practice their times tables up to 12 x 12.

The suggested age range is 6+, although several customers report that younger brothers and sisters have also enjoyed joining in, with help.

The game comes with "Times Table Checker Cards" which means that younger children (or adults!) can double check their answer before playing a card.

It is also a great family game for older children and teenagers, working on a similar principle to Uno, but with some maths practice snuck in for good measure.

"Mine arrived this morning and we’ve already played a couple of rounds. My 8yr old daughter loved showing off her timetables skills to me and went on to win haha. Such a great game and idea, she had no idea she was learning! The quality of the cards and the simplistic rules is going to make tables-tastic become a family favourite on games night."

Andrew Hilton, UK, December 2020
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Play Tables-Tastic at school

school children and teacher

Tables-Tastic is the ideal game for building confidence in times tables at school for children in Years 4, 5 and 6. Schools can buy a classroom set of 6 to play in class, or use Tables-Tastics with smaller groups needing additional help in maths.

The grown-up design of Tables-Tastic means that the basic game works well with secondary aged children, providing a non-stigmatising way to practice and really master multiplication facts.

The design of the game, including the use of dice, also encourages wider discussion of maths concepts including products and factors, square numbers and probability.

Parent Teacher Associations may like to purchase the Tables-Tastic fund-raiser pack of games to be sold on via the PTA to both raise funds for the school and support home learning.

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Special offer: £10.99 + p&p per pack (RRP £12.99)

Special offer: Classroom set of six games £59.94 + p&p (RRP £71.94)

Special offer: Fund-raising pack of sixteen games £143.84 + p&p (RRP £175.84)

Think you've got what it takes to play Tables-Tastic?  Give it a go!